Expedition Trucks

No limits! Go wherever adventure takes you

Design and Engineering

Delta Interior Design expertise is ready to meet our Customers’ most demanding requirements and specs. We use the most advanced engineering and design software, Dassault System CATIA; that enables us to control all parts, have a BOM and standardize systems and equipment installation.

Space is carefully used and many different interior arrangement can meet any customer desire. We will discuss and propose you different solutions, tailored to your needs and desires.

Individual vehicles


We offer a wide range of expedition body layouts which can be tailored to customer’s needs and adventures. We aim to minimize wasted spaces, provide comfort and more storage at the same time.

Delta Automotive   15 V2

Living and individual vehicles equipment

For those who wants to self build their vehicle, we offer a solid base where to start from. We can supply the living unit, all basic equipments (like windows, doors, hatches, heaters, appliances, eletric componets, finishing materials) and special customized parts (like coutertops, shower plates, stairs).

Family expedition truck

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Smart solutions for your needs

Are you particularly tall? Are you a big size? Your travelling party is composed of more than 4 people? This is our comfort zone! Our designers and engineers are used to find smart solutions for any requirement and need. We are used to gain the maximum out of the space available and meet all expectation, always keeping in mind the maintainability and ease of use. We want you to fell fully at home wherever the journey takes you.


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