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Design and Engineering

In order to guarantee the highest standards of safety, Mercedes-Benz vehicles were chosen, as they are technologically-advanced high-quality products that ensure the highest protection and reliability.

Delta Automotive transforms the engineering integrity of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Vans to an entirely new level of craftsmanship and innovation. No two conversions vans are exactly alike. Each is designed to meet a discerning owner’s highest expectations for performance, comfort and convenience. Each offers its own state-of-the-art technology, seamlessly integrated to function with the upmost ease.

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Delta Interior Design expertise is ready to meet our Customers’ most demanding requirements and specs. Lighting and entertainment systems are designed and installed using the same equipment and criteria developed for the most prestigious business jets. Everything is controlled by a dedicated Mini Ipad, all the features of the vehicle and of the entertainment system are always handy.Aviation noise absorbing and thermal insulating material are coupled with composite panels, the result is an extremely comfortable cabin and light interior.

A special ultrathin ceiling system has been developed, that includes a sky light effect. The Flying Van allows traveling in a quiet, comfortable wide-body environment. Space is carefully used and many different interior arrangement can meet any customer desire. We will discuss and propose you different solutions, benches, seats, convertible divan, the possibility to install a washroom, a small kitckenette or a separate privacy area.

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This is the realm where Delta Interior craftmanship displays its top capability and expertise. Here is where solutions Made in Italy are exploited to the utmost, and reach the height of luxury. Customer’s most demanding requirements and specifications are translated and aestetically bended into a cozy, luxurious environment for the most relaxing experience.

Delta interior is well organized with a special task force for Customer’s on-site operations of any kind, when required, and for total product support, including on-site servicing, worldwide.


A “Limo Window” can be integrated in the panel behind the front seats, in order to separate the pax area from the drivers. An interphone system allows managing communications with the drivers and ensures privacy to the passengers. The spacious cabin allows moving easily and even stand up freely. A fridge-bar makes fresh beverages available before trip start, thanks to the additional battery and inverter system.

Any portable appliance are powered by 220VAC electrical sockets. Various standard adapters are available. A courtesy light can be integrated in each seat to allow reading and working also with dimmed ambience light. Wi-Fi internet access completes the connecting capability onboard with 3G/4G capability.

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