We design your desire

Italian luxury design to meet the most demanding customers' requirements

We design your desire

Italian luxury design to meet our customers' requirements



Delta Automotive is a design and completion company based in Italy specialized in overland trucks and van customization. With a long-lasting experience in Business Aviation interiors, we are made up of a Swiss-Italian team of professionals with mutual passion in interior design and automotive. Our expedition trucks and customized van are tailored to guarantee an advanced high-quality product that ensures the highest reliability for any adventure in any condition without compromise comfort and beauty.

Customize Your Vehicle


We design and engineer space, interior arrangement and all kind of additional accessories and features to customize your vehicle and meet any customer desire.


A background you can trust

Delta Automotive is a Delta Interior Design brand.

Delta Interior Design is active in the aviation field as design and manufacturer of Business Aircraft Interiors. Since 2001 we have been involved in realizing Art Design and cabin interior refurbishing old or historical aircraft components to create art furnishing.

From aviation to automotive

The same experience and quality offered in Aviation are now made available to those who choose a unique and exclusive product designed to cover the longest haul in absolute comfort. Our long-lasting experience in Business aircraft interiors enable us to develop an exclusive, innovative and advanced automotive product.

With this background, we can push the boundaries of possibility to create the exact look and passion from your customized expedition truck or van. Altogether with the Italian touch… of course.

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